My feet, shaking with anxiety, crept down the staircase. The polished white marble floor made me shiver. I used to love marble floors because of the way they glistened in the sunlight. The floor always bounced the light around the house making everything beautiful and bright. Instantly my feet felt like royalty. As I took […]

World: Women are not allowed individuality. All households have a man to watch over them. Women are not allowed outside they have to stay inside while men do the jobs. The women are attached to the house by an anklet which is attached to a bar which runs the distance of the house. Women have […]

(Adverbible: Within the car, Margaret sat with anxiety). Beyond the concrete jungle lay a challenge so powerful and indestructible that it may just be impossible. Within her heart, she knew this was her last chance. (Noun Phrase: The car, quite along the road, speeds towards the building.) Ideas: Women leave and make their own world […]

Why are you eating that? Does that have meat in it? Do you even care about animals? You are a murderer. the ethics of eating meat have been drilled into us that it is bad. Trying to make us believe that if we eat meat that we, therefore, hate animals and are the reason why […]

George Orwell confronts us with the concept of manipulation. Manipulation is shown through many different ideas in the book Nineteen Eighty-four. Three of these are the alteration of the newspapers, how you are tricked into feeling a certain way and the restriction on language. George wanted to warn us of the dangers of manipulation in […]

“Who controls the past, controls the future” was the slogan of the party. George Orwell alerts us with this one-liner quote about the idea of altering the past. The party wants to have full control over our minds and starts by controlling the past. The party’s idea of controlling is to completely erase any events […]

George Orwell confronts us with the idea of altering the past. At first, this sounds impossible Wikipedia alerts is a good verb to use so USE IT “And if all others accepted the lie which the Party imposed – if all records told the same tale – then the lie passed into history and became […]

Planning stage: Idea: Humour, politics, social Form: letter, essay, journal, report Investigate the style: Language, Structure, Viewpoint + Sexist piece written as an article that looks real but the whole of the content is sexist – tye in inequality(put in real facts like what men and women get for the same job) saying men are […]

Jessica Paddon “The gender pay gap or gender wage gap is the average difference between the remuneration for men and women who are working. Women are generally paid less than men.” Many female workers in New Zealand work in occupations that are more than 80% female and these female-dominated occupations tend to be lower paid. […]