22nd May 2017

Chapter 7 Analysis

How is the scene in the hotel room in chapter 7 similar to the scene in chapter 2? Relate it back to the illusion if you can.

The scene in the hotel room in chapter 2 was the illusion that everything about that scene was not real. It was an illusion as Myrtle pretended that she was in change and everyone would do whatever she told them to do, This is also how Daisy asked when she then goes to the hotel room in chapter 7. Myrtle pretended that tom and her were married and in their own world where they were happy. This was very different to what their lives were really like. In chapter 7, Daisy, Nick, Gatsby, Tom and others went up to a hotel room basically playing happy families. By taking these people out of Tom and Daisy’s house, its puts the illusion that in some life Gatsby and Daisy could be together. The way that Myrtle and tom act is also they way that Gatsby and Daisy even though that tom and Daisy are the ones that are together.

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