24th March 2017

Creative Writing


It was my kingdom. Everything was right in the palm of my hands. As the chariot pulled down the long curvy gravel road, crowds stood tall either side in rows, greeting the proud queen and her princesses. Windows rolled down, the fresh summer air was filling my nostrils. I looked over the rolling green fields, the exploring was never to end. We finally reached the destination. The wait was over. I was home. I take a step out of the chariot, fairies flying just above my head, singing their beautiful songs.

There, stood the old wooden castle awaiting me. Grand Stone pillars surrounded the exterior. The beautiful bronze colour filled up the whole three stories. It’s massive, like you couldn’t imagine. Big square diamonds filled the spots where the bronze was not. In the middle of the empty wall stood the emerald door. The big bright yellow circle in the sky was shinning bright upon it making it glisten. It swung open. I ran through the palace straight to the grand staircase winding up to the King’s den. I hurried my way up the stairs being careful not to be seen or heard.

“Stop, you cheeky monkey” The queen bellowed. Up here was a no go area, I knew that, I just wanted to spend as much time as I could with my king. Mum told me he was sick and would be leaving us soon. I didn’t want that to happen!

The den overlooked what I called, The Secret Garden. The tulips peeped their way through the long pea green grass, while the daffodils grew behind. They were the yellow of the ducklings swimming in the pond. The trees were budding, adding that extra splash of colour. As I swung on a piece of wood, tied by a rope to a tree, my feet were in the water making ripples. From the corner of my eye, I could see the king looking over me. I turned around and gave him a cheeky smile.


It was just a house, nothing more. As we pulled back down onto the gravel road, it was bare. Most of the trees had fallen now. What once was beautiful rolling hills were now filled with a concrete jungle with what looked like little bee’s swarming everywhere. We reached the end of the drive. The old house had crumbled like stale bread. I take a step out of the car, the annoying sparrows were still here. One nearly slicing my head off while it flew past me making a screeching sound. There stood the house. The ancient haunted house. I take a step through the broken purple door into the cold empty space. The paint had rotted and was peeling off. The windows were barely diamond-like, they were full of smudges and flies. Pushing my way through all the junk lying on the ground, I made my way to the staircase. I would come here and just stare at it. No one had even been near to making it up the staircase since dad’s passing. I think mum started to just lose it once dad was gone. By not going up to the den, I think she just liked to imagine that he was still up there.

For the first time in a while, I place my foot onto the first step.

“Stop you cheeky monkey.” These words just replayed themselves as I take another step up the grand staircase. I finally make it to the top, after considering many times to back down. I walk towards the boarded up window and tear down the boards. I take a breath in as I look at what once was an alive vibrant garden, where the tulips came to dance through the grass. Everything was now just black and white. The flowers had turned into weeds, while the pond was overgrown. I struggled to see a splash of water. The grass had been eaten and was now is nothing but dirt while the tree that held my beloved swing had been cut down. All the memories had gone with it. The cheeky smile appears on my face as I look down over The Secret Garden. The smile is quickly turned around as I turn around to see everything that kept him alive. Why did it have to end like this?

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