9th August 2019

Ideas for Chapter One


  • Women are not allowed individuality.
  • All households have a man to watch over them.
  • Women are not allowed outside they have to stay inside while men do the jobs.
  • The women are attached to the house by an anklet which is attached to a bar which runs the distance of the house.
  • Women have no say in this world.
  • No women are allowed to see another woman.
  • Men are allowed to go out with other men but women are still supervised by a system watched over by a bigger authority which is still all men.


  • When she finally makes it outside there is not a women insight.
  • Everything seems normal, the trees are big and beautiful, green grass everywhere.
  • When you look closer you actually find that things are made out of dead women like the pathways are just women pressed into the concrete.


  • She has to get out before he gets back but doesn’t mention him, use time is running out
  • Saying how she trips on her chain to illude that she is on a chain. She tries to get outside. When she gets outside she sees something crazy.
  • Use this word: Tethered to a rail on the walls which surrounded the whole of the house.


  • Continue to use, first-person
  • Use language structures
  • Drop into a place
  • Read past stories

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