19th February 2019

Satire Pieces

Everyone chooses to ignore the big problems and fight for stupid things
Everyone would rather fill their head with rubbish instead of real news. The little one wants to read the real news but is controlled by his mother and will soon choose himself to pick rubbish over real news as it has been forces upon him

Sexist Satire Piece – Some guys wife wins a gold medal at Rio Olymipics

“In a shocking upset today that had fans cheering and competitors picking their jaws up off the floor, Team USA nabbed yet another gold medal — this time for the women’s 100,000-meter run, courtesy of track and field competitor Jim’s Wife. Many are calling Jim’s Wife’s win the “Cinderella story” of the Rio Games; after competing at three previous Games without a single win, Jim’s Wife — who athletic experts agree “looks pretty good for her age” — has achieved a startling come-from-behind victory, overtaking early favorites for the gold like Japan’s Lady Who Just Had a Baby and Brazil’s own Luiz’s On-and-Off Girlfriend. In her heart-stopping win, Jim’s Wife not only earned herself a gold medal, but broke the previous 10,000-meter record set in 2008 by Uzbekistan’s Woman Who Never Goes on Dates Even Though Her Mom Knows Lots of Great Guys Who Would Love to Meet Her.” – Refering to the lady as jims wife, is trying to point out that boys are more important than girls, she was not adressed as her name but adressed as Jims wife. Some reveiewer wrote a report on how sexist it was and the finished it off by saying “Essentially, Moss makes an otherwise very disappointing topic pretty laughable. Because, that’s what sexism really is, right? A joke.”

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