21st February 2019

The Pay Gap

Jessica Paddon

“The gender pay gap or gender wage gap is the average difference between the remuneration for men and women who are working. Women are generally paid less than men.”

Many female workers in New Zealand work in occupations that are more than 80% female and these female-dominated occupations tend to be lower paid. Women these days aren’t confident enough to stand out and to make a difference. If women were like men, it would be different. we have all these men and why not utilize them to their fullest. They are smarter and stronger than women which makes it easier to employee into bigger jobs. Men are willing to do the work, to stay late and do overtime, to stand up when they have an idea, to put women in their place and to dominate but then we look at women. “NO” is their most used word. They are never willing to do anything that involves effort, they are constantly looking for an excuse to do nothing. We need to look at what they are bringing to the job. Nothing is the answer. A report finds that nearly a quarter of all these employees surveyed do not believe they are being paid fairly, which shows just how needy they are.

It is only 74% of firms that are paying staff differently because of their gender. What we aren’t looking at is this 26% of firms that are being paid equally. These firms are suffering, they are unable to keep employees as when everyone is equal, it is hard to give everyone in the workforce a pay rise but also hard to give just one person a pay rise without to abuse of sexism. Men may deserve this increase but women just don’t see the hard work men put into the job. Women choose to ignore the fact that men work harder than them because women like to think they are the best. Leaving the pay gap how it attracts men into the jobs. With leaving men higher paid than women, men get to feel their worth, wanted and valued, as they should. We don’t want to scare men off as men are our main sources of good work.

Women have been paid more and more since 1979 which is amazing but we still see this pay gap, a very small one, but still a pay gap. what is there to complain about, $3, is that it. This $3 difference is what keeps firms going. This $3 they are saving by not giving it to men is able to be spent on more materials, the bills, men’s wages, and new equipment, all keeping the firms to continuing growing and therefore running. To give this extra $3 to women would be ridiculous, it would mean cutting back on profits which are overall bad for the business. According to studies women are most likely to spend their income on shopping for clothes, shoes, accessories, and, anything to make a girl look pretty (as that’s what they care about most). This money is best to stay in the business to benefit it rather than been given out to these women who are going to spend it on … things. On the other side, men are so responsible with their money. Studies show that men are most likely to spend their money on grocery shopping, paying the bills and tools (to fix up the house when needed). Men mainly look after their self, keeping their self and others save is the most important part for them which is why firms have no problem giving them this little extra, just to help them out.

Women are easy to please. Say sorry and give them a bunch of flowers and you can get out of anything. Women are just fragile which doesn’t make them suitable for the workforce, it needs strong overpowering people, like men. What’s the point in even having women in the workforce, they are more useful at home. Cooking and cleaning the house for the men to come home and relax in, which is what their best at. It should just be illegal for women to work and we could get rid of the pay gap entirely.

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