28th May 2018


There are lots of different settings in Frankenstein such as Geneva, Inglostad – Uni = loft, Swiss Alps, Ireland, various woods and villages, arctic/north pole, Russa, and France, but three of the main ones that I will analysis is Geneva, the Swiss Alps, and The lab/loft.


The green: These three words indicate maybe a place that seems like it’s out of this world, kind of magical. Like a fairyland. a happy place. Beauty or attraction. First blue: Juxtaposition, opposite meanings. Second Blue: Out of this world vibe. Red: The feelings that he feels throughout this passage.

In full this passage in the book about Geneva, it feels like Frankenstein really treasures this place as we can tell from all the words used to describe his feelings towards the place, in parts of the passage he makes this place feel like its out of this world, like a place you would go in your dreams. It seems to make him happy and that’s why he keeps returning to the place. He talks about it very highly. This place also feels like it is a very beautiful place. I feel that geneva for Frankenstein is quite the magical place for him. Victor feels maybe safe, he may also feel like he can do anything there.

The Swiss Alps 

The Lab

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