A girl comes to school each day with a smile on her face, walking around with people, talking and laughing, being ‘normal’ but what we see could just be an illusion. The illusion of this smile could be dangerous even if we don’t know it. It hides her loneliness, her endless sadness that can’t be explained but also cannot be changed. What comes to your mind when you hear the word depression?

When you think about depression you may think of a person who is just sad or someone who is struggling but depression has a lot more it it then just being sad. A lot of people that suffer from depression put something on called the happy mack. This is so that no one around them and i mean not a single person knows that they aren’t happy. For most of us, we don’t see anything past this mask we just see the smile but To be behind the mask is a totally different world than any of us could imagine. Sometimes there is just nothing there, no feelings, no emotion and no nothing, just the body. People have said that they feel like they are watching a tv show about themselves, they have no say in what happens and just feels like the producer is making the decisions for them. Like an outsider looking in rather than actually taking part. People have also said that it is hard for them to see the days ahead of them. This necessarily doesn’t mean suicidal thoughts but just the feeling of not being able to see yourself doing anything with your life. Depression sufferers don’t let anyone see the real them but instead just show us the illusion behind them.


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