17th October 2018



What rights do we really have between life and death. Is it up to us? Do we have the right to take our own life? Are we really in control of our destiny? Euthanasia gives us that choice to end the suffering, to end nightmares of death, to just end everything but is it right or wrong to give us that choice. Some people believe that we do have that right to decide when our time is up and then some people believe that it should not be up to us to decide. Euthanasia refers to an easy, painless, happy death, which sounds too good doesn’t it? But it is the practice of intentionally ending a life.

Some people are against euthanasia and these are the reasons why. for starters, people that are religious believe that life is a gift sent by God, life should be seen as sacred. They think that life and death should be left up to no one else but god. Euthanasia is strictly against their religion, it is a sin to take your own life which can battle in the heads of someone with religion. Catholics are also lead to believe that if they are to take their own life and mess with the nature of God, there will be no place in heaven for them. Euthanasia is against the word and will of God. From the book Frankenstein written by Mary Shelley, Victor says “with unrelaxed and breathless eagerness, I pursued nature to her hiding places.” Victor Frankenstein went beyond nature and created life. He did what should have been left to god. In some way, this can be related to euthanasia. Euthanasia is also something that is beyond nature, something that should not be done as creating life should also not be done the way that Frankenstein had done it. He created some sort of creature unnaturally. As said before, people believe that things like this should be left to god, they should be done naturally but in both the book Frankenstein and euthanasia, it is done unnaturally which is against religion. Religious people aren’t the only ones against this, there are many different opinions about why this is wrong. Some people believe that if euthanasia is accepted into society, it will undermine the commitment of doctors and nurses saving peoples lives. it may be seen as a cost-effective way of treating the terminally ill which would also lead to the care of the terminally ill being worse. People would lose respect for the sanctity of life and start accepting that some lives, like those of the disabled or sick, are worth less than others. With the way the world is developing so quickly, there could be a miracle drug that could relieve the pain but you would never live to find out. After death, there’s no coming back, that it for you, which is why some people believe that life or death should not be left to us.

Then we come to the people who have opposite beliefs. The people that are for euthanasia. Some people believe that we have a right to our own bodies, if we want to die, we have a right to die. We control our own bodies, isn’t that right? People say that death is a very private matter, if it has no harm to others then people have no right to interfere. People believe that euthanasia is actually a good thing in some way and this is why. If people want to die there are many other ways someone could die without the use of euthanasia, suicide right but if euthanasia is accepted it gives these people who are suffering to die on their own terms, to be with family while they go through it. The dying process is unpleasant people should have the right to shorten it and thus reduce the unpleasantness. It would give them the choice to a happier death. People believe that it’s a very personal decision and we can’t put in down so quickly when we aren’t really in that situation.

For me, I am not against nor for, I can see positives for having this choice and not having the choice. Euthanasia gives people a choice to keep their dignity, to be gone on their own terms. It also gives people who are in so much pain that choice to stop the suffering. I believe that euthanasia is a good thing for some people, like those who are suffering. If these people want to die there are others ways but I would say that euthanasia is better than suicide. On the other side, why would we choose to end our life when we could have so much more to live. I believe life should be taken away from us naturally. Once you are gone, that’s it, there’s nothing more, you can’t just take it back. Euthanasia is messing with the nature of the world and with God. Death is so final, are we really able to make this decision. Think about it. Which side are you on?

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