14th February 2019

The Grammar of Satire, Analysis

  1. Identify 5 political and social references and research their details online. Create a 1 paragraph summary of each reference, including as many facts, (place, time, people involved, political implications) as you can muster.

“And it would be funnier, I suppose, if it didn’t constitute Britain’s actual policy on defense.” – Franky boil is referring to the Trident Nuclear weapons program which costed 41 Billion. He is trying to make a point that it is a really ridiculous amount of money to spend it on when Britain is going through downfall and the economy is low. This money could have been better spent on schools and health.

“What is the British way of life? what do we value?… Watching strangers bake.” – Boil is saying that a common thing for Britain’s to do it watch baking shows, like the British back off, which is the most popular tv show, insteed of focusing on the real world. Referring to it as a part of British culture.

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