7th August 2017

Unfamiliar Text

Title: Family Holiday
Author: S Daly

Place: Extract from a Short Story, Phenomena

Type of publication: Extract of a Short Story

a) The flimsy bridge that hangs over deap water. Also the waves on the beach that sucked everything with it.

b) i. Onomatopoea The waves crashed…

ii. By using onomatopoeia in this piece it shows that the writer was trying to make us aware that maybe she was threaten by these safe. She had been told to stay away showing that maybe this holiday wasn’t going to be good as they weren’t allowed near the waves. She also could of been quite scared of the waves that crashed down upon her and made her be frightened.

1)Idenitify 2 language features that develop the narrators feelings about the holidays, Give an example of each

Short Sentence : “I lost my nerve.” Personification : “A wave leapt up onto the beach”

2)Discuss how your choosen language features develop an emotional theme for the family holiday.

the written has chosen to show a emotional theme through the form of language features. “A wave leapt up onto the beach”. This gives the object and the human adaptation to leap, meaning the wave is now more human like. The little girl may have seem threatened by this, making her afraid to go near this thing. The wave as leap towards her, from what used to be far away has now nearly crawled up to her making it harder to get away. She then goes on to use a short sentence in the form of “I lost my nerve.” This line gives the story tension as it was a very short line, it wants us to keep reading and pulls us further into the story. It makes us think that, that is it. that is all the girl has to say again showing us fear and afraid. An overall theme for this story that the writer is trying to show is the fear behind then little girl, even if it was just a family holiday. Makes us wonder if she really even likes the beach or even if she was willing to come on this trip.






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