26th June 2019


Why are you eating that? Does that have meat in it? Do you even care about animals? You are a murderer. the ethics of eating meat have been drilled into us that it is bad. Trying to make us believe that if we eat meat that we, therefore, hate animals and are the reason why a lot of animals are killed. but if we go vegan then we are not murders anymore. We are lifesavers, yeah right. What person decided that eating meat makes you a murderer.

I mean if you really want to kill the most things be a vegan. do you know what it takes to grow tofu, probably not because who the fuck eats tofu but I’m going to tell you anyway? First, you need soybeans, and to grow soybeans you need land and a lot of it. so farmers cut down everything in its path to make room for them to grow their precious soybeans. Every bush, flower, and tree is removed, destroying our beloved environment. And then these framers have to protect the beans with everything they got because I mean they have just destroyed all the precious land to grow these beans. and in order to do that they have to kill everything that even gets near to touching a bean. A cute little bunny hopping past minding its own business and next minute, bang. its murdered. every rat, every ferret, every bird, every turtle, every snake, every squirrel, and every money that could be struggling to find its home because it’s just been cut down and taken away from it, is brutally killed. We can’t ignore this because it’s uncomfortable to talk about. How can vegans be so hypocritical, not a single thought is given about the animals.

They claim that they are the only ones in the world big enough to actually care about animals feelings, but to what extent. if you generally have a problem with eating any food that comes in relation to the slaughtering of animals then why eat bread, why eat vegetables and why even eat any food at all, I mean you cant. All food comes with some sort of extermination or slaughter of animals. Did the vegans even stop to think about the millions of bugs that are gassed to make their special whole-grain bread? no! and you know why. because all they care about is their stupid image. what makes bugs feelings worth any less than cows feelings. They are both living species. Vegans are trying to convince us that animals are equal to people and we can’t just kill the animals just like we can’t kill other people so what makes gassing animals okay. These people that claim to be vegans are just doing it because it gives them something to pipe up about and make them feel good about themselves.

We seem to ignore the fact that vegan-based diets are destroying and killing animals lives too. When was the last time you stopped and thought about the monkeys that are dying because their homes have been ripped away from them? These poor monkeys homes are destroyed just because farmers need more land to grow the lettuce and tomato for a good old salad. Vegans have decided that their image is more important than the lives of the poor monkeys. more important than the forests to exist and therefore more important than the air we breathe. Why are we standing up for these vegans that are destroying our environment?

Veganism is just a fashionable bandwagon. Ariana Grande, Liam Hemsworth, and Miley Cyrus are all vegans so why not just jump on their level and become a vegan too. Veganism has become that trend that people follow just because its what everyone else is doing. no one is actually becoming vegan for the animals, all they care about is themselves. if they actually cared about the animals, all they would eat is dirt. Veganism is not a lifestyle, it’s just a trend that will fade away in years to come.

Why don’t we start and look at the clothes the vegans are wearing. So they want to be known as pure and natural people but where are their clothes coming from. For example, a typical top of theirs is made of cotton as it is a natural fiber. But surprise surprise this natural fiber is grown in a field and that means more of our environment is destroyed as well as all the animals living in it. more deaths of these poor animals are on the hands of the vegans. And then we move down to their shoes which are made from leather and I wonder where leather comes from, its differently not plants, it’s the dead animals. They expects us to kill the cow and then strip it of its skin just to make their precious shoes, as well as jackets, coats and handbags. and then they still claim to be the biggest animal lovers and for us to ignore the fact they are lottery wearing killed animals.

These vegans are attacking the public by putting stickers on meat in supermarkets saying how animals were murdered for this, trying to convince everyone not to eat the meat which is totally unexceptable.

Vegans trick us into believing that they are the purest people out. one of the biggest lies I’ve ever heard. yes, they claim to care about the cow’s sheep and pigs but what about the rest of the animal kingdom. There are 8.7 billion species in the world and they pretend they care about 3 of them and then ignore the rest. like who cares if they kill a few billion bugs a day just for some bread. What about the hundreds of monkeys stripped from their homes and killed, I mean that’s fine for a bit of salad. To all, you tofu eaters, go kill another fucken rabbit.

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